Editorial Team Update

UPDATED 1-18-16. I am very pleased to announce the list of final candidates selected to participate in the Mobile Journalism 2016 summer intersession course in Ireland. The competition was keen. You can be proud to find your name among the very best students considered.   This will be a remarkable opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally as we collaborate with Ireland’s best universities, publishers and national broadcasting organizations. An amazing group of talented people is represented here and I am looking forward to working with each of you to publish your stories in an international iBook planned for release in fall 2016.

MOJO Ireland 2016 Editorial Team/iBook Contributors
1. Erik Alexeff (Teaching assistant)
2. Eslah Attar
3. Aaron Bennett
4. Amber  Bishop
5. Alex Bodenschatz
6. Brendan Cain
7. Megan Chorley
8. Steven Darragh
9. Shengyu  Li
10. S’reane Parks
11. Samuel Scourfield
12. Zachary Wyers

I will be arranging informational meeting with the entire team soon for the coming months. For now, accept my sincere congratulations on being selected to the College of Communication & Information/School of Journalism’s international Mobile Journalism/Publishing course in Ireland.