Editorial Team Update

UPDATED 1-18-16. I am very pleased to announce the list of final candidates selected to participate in the Mobile Journalism 2016 summer intersession course in Ireland. The competition was keen. You can be proud to find your name among the very best students considered.   This will be a remarkable opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally as we collaborate with Ireland’s best universities, publishers and national broadcasting organizations. An Continue reading


Community sponsorship ideas

Some potential sources of funding and sponsorship that most students never consider:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary
  • Local businesses—car dealerships, manufacturing, health and fitness clubs, grocery stores, restaurants
  • Professionals– attorneys, physicians, dentists, accountants
  • Firefighters, police fraternal organizations

These individuals and organizations typically don’t receive many requests for sponsorship so you chances of a favorable response are better than average.  Try to find a personal connection in your local community.  When you write the letter, be enthusiastic, sincere, genuine.  Feel free to send to me for review.

Graduate Credit Opportunity

For any students returning from an undergraduate program, you have the option to enroll in this course for graduate credit with a simple guest application.  Your successful completion of an international graduate level course will be a desirable addition to your curriculum vita/resume regardless of your career field.  The credit hours earned may also be applied to many graduate programs as an elective if you pursue your education at the master’s level.

If you are not interested in graduate credit and have completed an undergraduate degree at Kent, a simple call to the registrar 330-672-3131 is all that is required to re-enroll.

Paradise Lost?

“Losing It”
If we like your preliminary application you will be invited for an interview.  During the interview you will be asked to suggest three potential story ideas to cover on-location in Ireland.  This will require some advance research and a genuine interest to investigate and tell a particular story that will be compelling, visual and worth featuring in the iBook.  Consider looking for stories loosely connected to a potential for “loss.”  Subjects might be serious, Continue reading